About Narwhal Yacht Charters

Captain Eric of Narwhal Yacht Charters

Your Captain

Master Captain (certified by the United States Coast Guard) Eric Ludovico Peter Puleio, at your service.  I am the President and Founder of Narwhal Yacht Charters, a company I’ve created in order to share my love of sailing with others.  2020 marks the 9th sailing season of my company. 

Sailing is in my blood.  I began sailing while in the womb of my mother and haven’t stopped since.  The smiles I’ve witnessed while taking my friends sailing on my first sailboat have inspired me to quit Corporate America, buy and restore a classic sailboat, and sail for a living.  I hope to share my passion of sailing with you!

The Genesis of Narwhal Yacht Charters sailing by the Statue of Liberty!

The Classic Sailboat "Genesis"


My mother and father lived on a sailboat, a Fisher 30, for the first six years of their marriage.  They named her the “Genesis”, which means the beginning, because it was the beginning of their love for one another, as well as the beginning of our family.  I spent every summer of my childhood sailing the original Genesis with my parents and two siblings and have nothing but the sweetest memories of those times.  Unfortunately, my father passed away when I was 18 and we had to sell the family boat.  

To honor my father and the fond times my family shared, I’ve bolted the two original nameplates my dad handmade in 1973 to the sides of my sailboat and renamed her the “Genesis”.  Now every time I am at the helm, my father is right there beside me, filling the Genesis’s sails with wind! 

The logo of Narwhal Yacht Charters

Why the name "Narwhal Yacht Charters"?


Good question! Did you know that Narwhal Yacht Charters in an acronym for NYC?  Just like the New York City skyline we sail along, Narwhal Yacht Charters is filled with energy.  Narwhals are Arctic whales known for their playful and social demeanor, much like me while sailing on my beautiful sailboat, the Genesis.  And how cool is that mythical “horn” of theirs?  It’s actually an 8-10 foot tooth!

Do you like my company’s logo?  This happy narwhal is protected in the “Narwhal Yacht Charters” life ring, gently sailing through the water with the same sail plan that the Genesis flies.  The upward slope of the narwhal’s horn signifies one’s continuous pursuit of positive growth.  All that in a logo?  Yep!  If I put this much thought into the logo, just think about how much thought I put into the sailing experience I provide aboard the Genesis!