The Genesis of Narwhal Yacht Charters sailing underneath the Brooklyn Bridge!

Simply the best sailing experience on New York Harbor!

The following are testimonials originally posted on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Google. 722 out of the 725 published reviews of Narwhal Yacht Charters have received the highest 5 star rating (the other three reviews were four stars so have no fear)!  

In addition, The New York Times gave Narwhal Yacht Charters its top recommendation for a boat charter on New York Harbor!  Please click on this link to see: The New York Times – Editors’ Top Pick.  Narwhal Yacht Charters has also been featured in Bloomberg, the Knickerbocker, the Duane Street Hotel, the Venue Report, and Brooklyn Based, as well as praised by bloggers in the engagement, wedding, travel, professional, and lifestyle industries.  Please take the time to read some of the testimonials below:


If you want a unique and magical New York experience, you have found it! My husband and I love sailing and have done it all over the world. We have booked many sails on the Hudson and Narwhal is the best one by far. This sail is the perfect way to make wonderful memories with friends, family, or that special someone.

I booked with Narwhal Charters for my husband’s surprise sunset birthday sail. Our friends are all seasoned New Yorkers and they were blown away by the experience. (In fact, two of our friends started planning a sail with Narwhal Charters the next day.) The four hour sail is perfect. Many charters only offer three hours. Captain Eric also sails a more unique course – circumnavigating Governor’s Island, etc. So, you actually feel like you’re exploring New York.

When we stepped on the boat, he welcomed us immediately and made us feel at home. To personalize the sail, we brought my husband’s favorite meals. So, we organized our food downstairs and then talked with Captain Eric for a while. He told us some great stories. Then, he told us to feel at home and walk around the boat to see the City. It was an incredible experience. Although the Hudson was busy in the day, we never felt overwhelmed by the activity. His course shows you what you expect to see of New York with the unexpected thrown in as well. Transitioning from day to night is truly special. At one point in the evening, we were the only boat on the water. It suddenly felt like the City belonged to us.

As for the birthday planning, Captain Eric worked with me every step of the way. He answered numerous questions without one complaint. In case you have some concerns, I will share the ones that I had before the sail. First, I thought that the boat would be too small. I could not have been more wrong. The boat is a great size for six people. We stretched out and relaxed. Second, I have been on a few boats where the Captain lived there and they have not always been very clean. This boat is amazingly clean and well organized. (I will admit that I have germ issues so I take the cleanliness thing really seriously.) Captain Eric is also well prepared for the unexpected so he has Advil, Dramamine, pillows, and blankets at the ready.

I researched many charters before I picked Narwhal. Captain Eric offered the best sail (four hours) and best boat (size and steady keel according to the different boat specs.). However, I selected Captain Eric because it was clear from the start that he offered the best service. You feel like you’re at home with him even before you set foot on his boat. He also has a great way of telling you stories when you want to hear them and giving you space and silence when you want to wander off or just take in the City. It’s like being with that really good friend of yours… you know, the one who is there when you want to laugh and also there when you just want to sit, relax, and watch the world go by without any pressure to say a word.

Sail with Narwhal Charters for a spectacular experience! 

Steve R.

I'm one of those people who has doubts when I see a business with a perfect Trip Advisor or Yelp rating like Narwhal Yacht Charters (better known as an incredible guy named Captain Eric). So I went into my private sunset charter today (with my Wife) with excitement if not a bit of skepticism. But I get it now. Not only is this a gorgeous and immaculately clean boat but it's Eric that makes all the difference. He's an incredibly down to Earth and accommodating guy with an AMAZING story of how he became a full time Captain of the Genesis. If you don't already know it, read about him at his website. But back to the amazing 4 hours you'll receive: 

First off, you've probably already done your research and realized that while priced competitively with other sailing charters, you get 4 HOURS with Eric, not 90 minutes or 2 hours like his competitors. Believe me, this is important because you will be SO glad you had that much time on the water when you realize you will sail RIGHT by the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, under all 3 bridges (including the Brooklyn) and then back past the Manhattan skyline (which is INCREDIBLE at night). For that reason alone, you should book with Eric. But I'll continue... 

Eric will make you feel at home because you ARE at (or on) his home as he lives on this gorgeous boat. That's how serious he takes his craft but it also means he'll be offering you snacks and beverages, and will even make sandwiches ahead of time and have them ready for you. You'll have free access to the rest room, blankets and pillows if it gets chilly and he allows you to go anywhere on the boat (including that cool little plank at the bow of the boat - yes, you can reenact the Titanic scene! "I'm the king of the world!!"). Unlike some of his competitors whose boats are simply a means to an end (your MONEY), Eric has the same attitude about having you abroad as a good friend would have about having you over to their home. Although we had access to the whole boat, we spent the majority of our time chatting with Eric because he is so easy going and awesome. 

Oh, did I mention he's lived in NY his whole life and knows EVERYTHING?? As you sail past landmarks and non descript buildings alike, he'll be happy to share with you all he knows, it's incredible. But being the great host he is, he will allow you your quiet time and roaming about the boat as well. 

I'm comfortable leaving mediocre or negative reviews if a business earns. But this really is the experience everyone says and it would NOT NOT NOT be the same with anyone besides Eric. Lastly, I HIGHLY recommend you private charter the boat as opposed to "buying a seat" on a shared sail. Yes it costs more, buts it's around the same price as his competitors and you sail for TWICE as long. So for all you non-math people out there, that makes his price HALF of his competitors relative to the time you get. And most importantly, you get him AND his boat all to yourself. Book it now, you can thank me later! Thanks Eric, we WILL be repeat customers!

Kevin M.

This, my friends, is what it is all about. Nothing could define summer in New York City better than a boat ride on the Hudson with music and alcohol. 

I found Narwhal through researching various NYC boat excursions. Of all the options, Narwhal is the best value for price that I've seen anywhere in the city. Setting up the booking is as easy as emailing Eric, confirming a date, and just showing up at the scheduled departure time. 

The max amount of passengers the boat can take is six, and I ended up going with a total of four people. From the moment we stepped on the boat to the second we stepped off, the entire experience was perfect. Eric, the captain, is a really cool guy who went above and beyond to make the experience enjoyable. From the lunch he provides to the subwoofer music system he has on the boat, I couldn't think of a better way to have fun with friends during the summer. 

The views are as good as you can get. We sailed by the Statue of Liberty, under the Brooklyn bridge and saw some views of lower Manhattan that were amazing. You can also bring your own alcohol on the boat, which makes the whole experience all the more enjoyable. 

This is probably the best day excursion I've had in NYC, and one that I'll certainly be repeating many times. Highly recommend looking this excursion if you want to see the city or just hang with friends. Whatever your reason, you can't go wrong 

David G.

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to sail around the Island of Manhattan with the gregarious and extremely experienced Captain Eric Puleio. From the minute my friends and I boarded his beautiful boat Genesis, he was the perfect host. We were offered sandwiches, chips, sodas and even sunscreen and there was plenty to go around for everyone. 

Before we began sailing, Captain Eric showed us around the Genesis and it was obvious from the pristine condition of the boat, he took great pride in what he did. The Genesis was beautiful from top to bottom and we had full access to her upper and lower deck. After showing us around the vessel, Captain Eric briefed us with a few safety tips and instructions and then our trip began. 

As we departed the pier, we had an amazing view of lower Manhattan and the numerous new towers that were going up in the city. Captain Eric navigated his way past Ellis Island and then sailed us past the Statue of Liberty where I got some great shots with my camera. He then took us under the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges. I was the only one in my party of friends that was not a local New Yorker, but they enjoyed the experience every bit as much as I did and loved seeing the city from a uniquely different perspective. 

The thing that made sailing with Captain Eric so special was that he worked tirelessly to insure that we had the best experience possible. He would enthusiastically answer all our questions and was extremely knowledgeable about landmarks and even the other boats on the water. We quickly realized too that sailing on the Genesis was a luxury after seeing the many crowded tour boats pass us by. Most of these tours are two hours or less which is hardly enough time to experience the city from the water. Our four hour trip was the perfect amount of time to take in all the sites and not feel rushed. 

As our trip came to an end, Captain Eric positioned the Genesis so that my friends and I could have a great backdrop of Manhattan in our group photo. He also took time to take some photos of our group once we got back to the pier. 

He was hospitable from beginning to end and it was almost sad saying our goodbyes, because we really found a friend in Captain Eric. 

I highly recommend this sailboat excursion to anyone that wants to enjoy the great outdoors while experiencing New York and all its beauty. Trust me…You won’t be disappointed. 

Thank you Captain Eric for giving my group a memory we will forever cherish! 

Happy Sailing!  

Ashley L.

I chartered the Genesis for a harbor cruise to celebrate a good friend's birthday, hoping to make it a special occasion. In addition to being a special birthday we will always remember, it was also hands down the best sailing experience I've had to date. Admittedly, I had a bit of inside information in helping to make my decision to charter with Narwhal easier. Captain Eric is one of my classmates from Columbia Business School. While this is the first time I've ever seen Eric in action on the water -- I've had plenty of time to get to know him, and I can guarantee you there's nothing he doesn't do 110%.After some time in the corporate world, Eric decided to do what very few of us have the courage to do -- follow his passion. That passion for Eric is sailing, and it is palpable every moment you are aboard the Genesis. You can hire anyone to sail a boat - but by chartering with Narwhal you're getting so much more than a harbor cruise. You have the opportunity - even if just for a few hours - to be a part of someone's dream, to almost feel the warmth and love that comes from the thousands of hours Eric has spent restoring the boat in painstaking detail, and to see someone doing exactly what they love most. Regardless of what a person's vocation is - music, art, banking, law - it's an experience in and of itself to watch someone work who is at the top of their trade and passionate about what they do. If you charter with Eric though, you also get the added benefit of the New York City skyline, a smooth sail, and some NYC trivia you can use to impress your friends :) SIGN UP NOW!!!!!!!  

The Genesis of Narwhal Yacht Charters sailing along the New York City skyline!

Casey B.

I booked a sunset cruise with Captain Eric as a surprise for my boyfriend's 30th birthday, and I'm sure glad I did! It was such a fantastic experience from start to finish, I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something different than other cruises New York has to offer. It was just myself, my boyfriend, and his parents on the cruise, so it's a very intimate setting, perfect for celebrations and special occasions. 

Immediately upon arrival, Eric warmly welcomed us and offered us dramamine, in case we're prone to sea sickness. He also offered us snacks (sandwiches, chips, fresh fruit etc), blankets, hoodies, and access to his stereo, where I was able to plug in my own iPod. He even put our beer in his refrigerator for us! (the cruise is BYOB). Eric was extremely friendly and knowledgeable, giving us little tidbits of information about NYC, also happily answering the multitude of questions we had about sailing (we had a lot!) 

Many "sailing" cruises keep the engines on, never fully providing an authentic sailing experience. Eric, however, not only gave us options of places to go to, but also turned his engines off, using the wind and the sails as they were intended to be used! This also let us drift peacefully through the water, allowing us to really enjoy the gorgeous views of the Manhattan skyline against the backdrop of a perfect sunset. Eric even let my boyfriend steer the boat! 

Once again, this was such a unique, wonderfully intimate experience, I have every intention of repeating it in the future. Eric is warm, welcoming, and so hospitable, it was such a pleasure to have him as our captain! The sights are also incredible and the cruise was a very fun way to see New York from a different perspective.  

Jaye J.

My boyfriend Doug loves the water. The only problem is, we live in the Midwest right now. I wanted to do something special for him on our vacation together, something on the water to surprise him with. All I could find though were huge, humdrum GIGANTIC cruises that, like much of New York City, are loud and crowded, rushed and take way too much money from you. Eric's Narwhal Yacht Charters is the complete opposite of those cruises. 

I stumbled across him only a week before our trip, but Eric sent me his availability right away. We were able to work out a time, and Doug absolutely GEEKED OUT <proud face>! 4 hours of relaxation in a city that is the definition of fast-paced and hectic. The Genesis, Eric's boat, has as much character as the captain himself. You'll have full access of the boat, so wherever you dare to venture is open to you. If you're looking to take pictures of the sites, Eric'll line up the best shots. No need to ask. He knows what you want! But if you love the water, appreciate an authentic sailing experience, a beautiful sailboat, and want to have a conversation with a down to earth, chilled out, fascinating captain who will answer any question you might have (and whose life Doug and I will probably covet for the rest of our lives), all while getting a great view of the Hudson and all its attractions, this cruise is for you. 

PLUS, it's seriously a bargain! 

When we return to NYC, we will contact Eric again. I have no doubt, not matter when we sail on the Genesis in the future, it will be just as memorable. Our vacation was richer for the experience.

Drew S.

A cruise on the Genesis with Captain Eric is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones.  The boat is comfortable and meticulously maintained, the sandwiches really hit the spot, and most of all, Captain Eric's warm welcome, peaceful vibe, and expert sailing make for a truly unforgettable day on the water.  Over the years I have had the pleasure of cruising the harbor on several different charter yachts.  While I've enjoyed every one of those trips, Narwhal Yacht Charters hands down offers the best value and experience available in the city.  I just looked into getting tickets for the musical Hamilton on Broadway ... sheesh!  For the price of one ticket, I can charter the Genesis for an evening of sailing with Eric and five friends ... and I'm going to!!  Thank you, Eric, for one of the most pleasurable Only-in-New-York experiences I've had since I moved here 20 years ago.  Looking forward to sailing with you again.  

David S.

A Charter with Eric was the highlight of our family's two-day trip to NYC. Our previous sailing experiences have been off the California coast, in the Bahamas, and on the Great Lakes. Our time with Captain Eric was at the top of our most memorable sails. 

A trip on the Genesis feels more like having a friend with a 37-ft sailboat than a commercial charter. That is, if you have a friend who is an expert sailor with deep knowledge of the NY/NJ waterways and history. Oh, and if your friend is a Columbia graduate, a former collegiate rugby captain, and a gracious host who can easily converse with people from movie stars to normal folks like our group.  

Sophie R.

I have lived in NYC for over 8 years now, and I can say that this was one of my most favorite NYC things that I have done. Whether you are just visiting NYC or you are living here- I highly recommend that you take a sailboat ride with Captain Eric. From the start, you can tell that Eric had a passion for sailing, and he absolutely loved and had so much pride for what he does. His enthusiasm really shows in the great customer service that he gives to his clients.  Eric makes everything seamless and easy from beginning to end. He was incredibly understanding when it looked like we may have to switch dates (which we thankfully didn't have to). He patiently answered all kinds of different questions beforehand and ensured that we would have a great successful sail. We chartered a sunset sail - which I recommend to everybody. You get to see the beautiful city skyline from dusk to nighttime with all the lights. No detail was overlooked during our sail. We were encouraged to walk around the boat and see the view from different angles. Eric had pillows, blankets, and sweatshirts in case we were feeling a bit chilly.  He had sandwiches, chips, fruit, drinks ready when we got hungry. He enthusiastically answered any kind of sailing related questions we had, but he also sat back and gave our family our room and space as we enjoyed the ride.  I chartered the sail for my mother in-laws birthday and we were able to give her a truly memorable experience and present to her. Everyone had a complete blast!


The best part of the sail was the fact that it was a small boat (but no worries: plenty of room to spare!) - the maximum capacity is 6, so our family were the only ones on the boat. Eric is not part of a big corporation, but a true local small business owner. If you want to experience a special, intimate, amazing tour around lower Manhattan, I recommend you contact Eric now!

Steve M.

My wife's family from China were visiting New York so we scheduled a day with Captain Eric on his beautiful sailboat. It was one of the very best things we have ever done, not just in NY, but anywhere. Eric is very low key and yet does an outstanding job as a tour guide as he take you down the Hudson River, to the Statue of Liberty, and then up the East River under some of the most beautiful bridges ever built. He provided a simple, but delicious lunch, and plenty of cold beverages. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Narwhal Yacht Charters and Captain Eric. I must finish this short review with a quote from my Chinese brother-in-law. He, his wife and daughter had been touring in the northeast US for 3 weeks when we met them in New York for their last few days in that state - after our 4 hours of sailing he said that it was "the best thing they had done in America".   Thanks Eric!


David G.

I just had the privilege of taken my second sailing trip with Narwhal Yacht Charters and Captain Eric and I was not disappointed. My first experience sailing with Narwhal was absolutely wonderful, so when I booked a second trip, my expectations were extremely high, but I did not expect it to exceed my first tour around the Hudson River…but it did just that and more!

My first trip with Captain Eric was taken during the day and the scenery was spectacular, but I wanted a different setting my second go round and selected a sunset sail. Captain Eric launched his boat the Genesis promptly at 5:45 pm from the dock and we headed deep into the waters of the Hudson. Because the weather was near perfect, the sun provided a constant changing rainbow of colors against the city scape, which was breathtaking. If you enjoy photography like me, the scenery provided the most amazing photo opportunities.

One of the many advantages of sailing with Captain Eric is that he is incredibly knowledgeable about the craft of sailing, the history of the cityscape, and all the wonderful intricacies of his boat. He is able to share his knowledge with you without feeling as if you are attending a lecture. Eric’s demeanor is always friendly and his number one goal is to ensure you have an amazing experience.

While my friends and I settled into our trip, Captain Eric provided us with sandwiches, chips, and soft drinks. He also provided us with a speaker where we could select our own music off our phones to listen to. As corny as it may sound, my group started searching for every song we could find that represented New York City. We had a blast singing along to songs like “New York State of Mind”, and “New York, New York” just to name a few.
At one point, Captain Eric steered us toward the Brooklyn Bridge and positioned the Genesis so the Brooklyn Bridge was directly behind us. He then grabbed our camera and took a perfect shot of our group. It’s just another example of how he makes the experience so personal and friendly.

One of my favorite parts of our trip was sailing directly beneath the Statue of Liberty. Words simply cannot describe her beauty and being directly on the water gives you an extremely special and unique perspective. Captain Eric recognized that we were moved by the moment, and took his time sailing around Lady Liberty, so we could take our time soaking in the experience.

As we headed back to the pier, my friends and I all agreed the sailing trip was the highlight of our New York vacation. I simply cannot say enough good things about our experience or Captain Eric. I’m still going over the photographs I took that afternoon, and reliving the wonderful time we all had.

A day after I returned home from New York, I got a kind, personal email from Captain Eric thanking us for selecting Narwhal Yacht Charters for our sailing trip. I have to admit though, I wasn’t surprised by receiving such a kind email. Captain Eric is simply that nice.

If you are looking for a unique experience and a wonderful time, I highly recommend Narwhal Yacht Charters and Captain Eric. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Sailing!